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  • 2009: 7,724
  • 2010: It's up to you!
Federal Bureau of Investigation Congressional Testimony, May 5 2010.

"...marijuana is the top revenue generator for Mexican DTOs (drug trafficking organizations) — a cash crop that finances corruption and the carnage of violence year after year. The profits derived from marijuana trafficking — an industry with minimal overhead costs, controlled entirely by the traffickers—are used not only to finance other drug enterprises by Mexico's poly-drug cartels, but also to pay recurring "business" expenses, purchase weapons, and bribe corrupt officials."  

FBI Congressional Testimony.

Ask your legislators to sponsor bills legalizing the production and sale of marijuana to adults!

Reformer of the Week

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Mr. Richard Lee

Whose tenacity, vision and spirit put legalization on the California ballot. Thank you Richard!

In the News:

Teachers Federation Head SUPPORTS Legalization.

"Randi Weingarten - head of the American Federation of Teachers and former president of New York's United Federation of Teachers - came out in support of a California proposition to legalize pot for personal use."

The only people left supporting the prohibition are those who profit from it! Ask YOUR legislators to sponsor bills legalizing the production and sale of marijuana to adults!!

Sinaloa cartel takes Juarez!

"After a two-year battle that killed more than 5,000 people, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's Sinaloa cartel now controls Ciudad Juarez."

Now Mexico's been won, Guzman will turn his sights to his most lucrative market and pour more and more of his men into OUR cities. You really, really don't want that!

Don't be a victim!! Ask YOUR legislators to sponsor bills legalizing the production and sale of marijuana to adults!!

Cartel threatens to kill every child in town.

"Cartel gunmen have threatened to kill all of the children in El Porvenir, unless their parents pay a protection fee. The mayor of El Porvenir, along with his son, were recently murdered."

Your taxes fund the prohibition, the prohibition funds the cartels. Speak up Georgia. End the Prohibition!!

Eighty schools to Rally for Legalization.

"On Thursday, students at more than 80 colleges and universities across the country will hold rallies on their campuses to urge their universities allow them to use marijuana as what they say is a safer recreational alternative to alcohol."

"April 1 marks the first day of National Alcohol Awareness Month and students will be out on their campuses distributing information about the relative harms of alcohol and marijuana, as well as holding signs and banners that read: 'This is NOT a joke... Let us make the SAFER choice!'"

Ten kids killed by prohibition-funded cartels.

"Ten youngsters aged 8 - 21 died on Sunday when gunmen opened fire and lobbed explosives at their pick-up truck after it sped through an improvised roadblock."

This is too much! Either our government ends marijuana-use in the U.S. or it ends the prohibition! After SEVENTY YEARS of Prohibition we have to ask, which of those is it capable of?

Federal marijuana prohibition causes more police deaths.

The decapitated body of a police chief and the body of his brother found. Hours earlier, gunmen kill deputy police chief and his bodyguard.

"The body of Heriberto Cerda, the police chief in Agualeguas, was found on the bed of a patrol pickup truck, his head on his lap."

You don't have to smoke it!

"Some people say that hot plant matter is not good for your system. I just think people should know that there are other, probably healthier ways to ingest it."

In Georgia it's not polite to talk about marijuana, so our residents don't get to hear about the methods in which cannabis can be consumed that don't involve inhaling burnt plant material. We need new groups in Georgia to demand an end to the ignorance and an end to our implicit support for the harms being inflicted by the prohibition. How about you?

Grisly find in Mexico: Dismembered police officers.

A regional commander, state police officer, and two nephews of a former deputy chief found mutilated with threatening messages.

End the prohibition. End 60% of the money fueling these attrocities. Save the lives of innocent people just like you.

National Farmers Union Adopts New Policy on Industrial Hemp.

"We urge the President, Attorney General, and Congress to direct the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency [sic] (DEA) to differentiate between industrial hemp and marijuana and adopt policy to allow American farmers to grow industrial hemp under state law without requiring DEA licenses."

Of course hemp should be legal! Making hemp illegal because it looks a bit like marijuana is as illogical as making powdered sugar illegal because it looks a bit like cocaine! The worst thing is, YOU pay for all the enforcement that goes into keeping hemp illegal! 

Prohibition on verge of creating civil war.

"The Mexican military has engaged in deadly clashes with suspected drug cartels in the northern state of Nuevo Leon where the suspects have set up road blocks for the second day."

Well done Michele Leonhart, Gil Kerlikowske and President Obama, your unwavering support for the prohibition is going to create civil war. How many thousands will die because you refuse to allow marijuana to be sold beside alcohol and tobacco?

Mexican police turn to black magic for protection.

"Priests are slaughtering chickens on full moon nights on beaches, smearing police with the blood and using prayers to evoke spirits to guard them as drug cartels battle over smuggling routes into California."

Have we mentioned yet that 60% of cartel money comes from selling marijuana in the US?

Instead of asking imaginary entities to guard them, the Mexican police should demand that the US end the marijuana prohibition and decimate the cartels. That is the *only* course of action based on logic and common sense. Everything else is well-intentioned ideology, at best.

Innovative and Relentless, and coming to a town near you!

"Since 2006, authorities have seized more than 400 drug planes - a fleet bigger than the Mexican air force itself ..but despite the crackdown, there are signs that smugglers are finding new ways to ply the airways."

"Smugglers are increasingly transferring shipments to ultralights, simple aircraft made from aluminum tubes and fabric, to actually cross the border. Ultralights are slower and can't carry much fuel, but they are harder to detect on radar than other aircraft and can land and take off on strips of land as short as 100 feet."

FBI: U.S. Consulate Victims "Targeted".

"They were certainly targeted, says special agent Andrea Simmons, FBI spokeswoman for the El Paso office, they weren't randomly picked."

Three Slain with links to U.S. Consulate!

"Assailants gunned down three people returning from a party at a U.S. Consulate employee's home in the Mexican city of Juarez, including a pregnant U.S. government employee and her husband, in two attacks a few minutes apart that prompted a furious response from the White House on Sunday." "The White House said President Obama was "deeply saddened and outraged" by the slayings, which occurred in broad daylight."

We are heartbroken by these murders, and reiterate again that the prohibition provides the bulk of the cartel's revenues and their incentive to kill. 

17 killed in Acapulco.

"Two decapitated bodies were found on a busy road packed with nightclubs, while another five bullet-riddled corpses — two beheaded — were found on the city’s western edge ..six police officers were also shot dead as they patrolled the outskirts of the city.

The Government is sensitive to reports of rising violence in holiday areas such as Acapulco and Cancún — until recently mostly untouched by turf wars.

Pig's Head Sent To Juarez Mayor.

"It's a turning point that the mayor of a major city in Mexico is now being threatened in a very intimidating way with the kind of symbolism the pig's head represents."

Mexican military chopper hovers over Texas homes.

"The Zapata County sheriff Thursday was questioning why a Mexican military helicopter was hovering over homes on the Texas side of the Rio Grande."

Sixty percent of cartel money comes from selling marijuana in the States. Time is running out for us - we must either end marijuana use in the United States or we must end the prohibition.

8 reporters kidnapped in Mexican city.

"Eight journalists kidnapped in two-week wave of abductions unprecedented in the Western Hemisphere."
Journalism is dead in Reynosa.

Californians Use 1M Pounds Of Pot Per Year.

"Californians use about 1 million pounds of marijuana a year or nearly a half-ounce for every person in the state, according to a staff analysis from the Board of Equalization."

Wasn't the prohibition was supposed to stop people smoking marijuana???

Red Cross refuses to treat gunshot victims.

So do you think they even thought about this when they started the drug war? 

"Red Cross clinics in some parts of Mexico are refusing to treat people wounded by gunshots after finding themselves caught in the drug war, with cartel hit men intercepting ambulances to seize patients and even killing a Red Cross worker this week."

"All Police" in Juarez on Cartel Payrolls.

"A former Juárez police captain testified in U.S. District Court on Thursday that all police in Juárez and Chihuahua state were on the payrolls of drug cartels."

"Any (cop) who did not want to be on their payroll still had to obey orders," Fierro-Méndez said. "If they did not obey, they would be killed."

National Medical Marijuana Insurance Launched.

"The nationwide program covers all aspects of the industry, including medical marijuana dispensaries, workers' compensation, general liability, auto insurance (motor vehicles used to transport product), equipment breakdown/damage, property/product loss (including pot spoilage) and operations related to marijuana growing."
"Given the growth in the industry, I think it's only a matter of time before other states allow medical marijuana", said Mike Aberle, a commercial insurance agent with Statewide Insurance Services. "Now that we can offer (services) in all 50 states, we can start the minute they go legal, without delay."

REPORT: Marijuana use UP! All those deaths were for NOTHING.

Tell your senators and representatives - the prohibition DOESN'T WORK!!
7,000 deaths last year, 800,000 arrests, massive amounts of heartache, grieving and loss, and it doesn't even WORK!
Taxpayers, we deserve our money back!! $40 BILLION is no chump change!

Journalist murdered by prohibition-funded cartels - the prohibition YOU pay for.

"A long-missing journalist in the Gulf coast state of Tabasco was killed by a drug cartel's hit men who dissolved his body in acid"
"the [Zetas] killed Rincon over his articles on local drug dealers and then dissolved his body"

Marijuana prohibition FAILED!

The federal marijuana prohibition has just one goal - to end the use of marijuana in America. Thousands of arrests, thousands of murders, massive amounts of marijuana cultivated - these are the results of the prohibition, but the one thing it doesn't do is stop people smoking marijuana. YOU pay for this, YOU must end it!

American police train for expected prohibition violence.

Seventy-seven years ago public response to bootlegger violence ended the alcohol prohibition. Until now, the violence caued by the marijuana prohibition has been safely contained outside of our country where we couldn't see it.
But now it's coming home. Are you ready?
"The Weslaco Police Department SWAT team is training for spillover violence from Mexico. Officers now carry automatic weapons and grenades. They need them to keep pace with heavily-armed cartel members."
"..has reported 20 home invasions in the past five months. They've happened in Donna, Edinburg, Pharr, Palmview, Mission, Alton, and McAllen. Nearly all of them were drug [prohibition]-related."

Mexican Mafia control San Diego drug deals.

"The war among drug cartels rages on in Tijuana and Baja California, with the prize being a billion-dollar piece of the action -- moving drugs through San Diego."
"As the cartels move drugs into the U.S., their influence, and that of the Mexican Mafia, is spreading."

Marijuana use soars for seniors.

Your over 50 crowd isn't exactly known for being the criminal masterminds of society.

If they are able to access marijuana at will, what does it say about the effectiveness of the prohibition? hahahaha....

Cartel violence hurting Arizona.

"As the war between the drug cartels and Mexican government wages on, the incidence of cartel-related crimes continues to escalate in the US, particularly in Arizona".
"Arizona has become one of the principal stomping grounds for home invasions, human trafficking, human smuggling and gun running".
Aren't you loving the prohibition? doesn't stop people smoking marijuana but it does increase YOUR chance of becoming a victim of home invasion!

Wave of cartel violence leaves 40 dead.

"The gun battles took place between Sunday and Tuesday, resulting in the deaths of 19 people, including a municipal police officer, while six police are reported as missing".
"Separately, in the southern state of Oaxaca, roughly a score of armed assailants traveling in seven Hummers killed 13 people Tuesday night – eight of whom were police from different forces and five civilians".

High-profile arrests nothing but good press.

Last May, federal troops arrested nearly 30 public officials, including 10 mayors, to show how seriously they took the drug war. Today nearly all of the mayors are free and back in office.
"The fervor of the arrests, and the fact that most mayors are now free and back in office, suggests that the federal government is starting to lose sight of who, exactly, the enemy is".

Cartel violence closes US Consulate in Reynosa.

If the violence being caused by our marijuana prohibition was occurring right here in the US we would be marching in the streets demanding it end by whatever means necessary. But because we've outsourced it to Mexico we really don't care.
Today the violence reached such a level it forced the closure of our consulate in Reynosa. So what, right?

Juarez cartel "essentially untouchable".

Led by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, cartel's turf battle with more powerful rival stokes surge of killings on US border.
"Carrillo Fuentes family's presence in the city over more than two decades means the Juarez cartel has been able to pay off many in the police and local government and is essentially untouchable."
Our only option to end this turf battle and the murders it creates is to eliminate the object that they fight over. Sixty percent of the cartel's incomes come from selling marijuana in the US - we can completely eliminate this income by allowing reputable US businesses to sell marijuana to adults at prices low enough to undercut the cartels.

Cannabis Science Inc. moves FDA clinical trial process forward.

Finally a ray of hope. While FDA approval for Cannabis Science's medicine won't in itself end consumer demand for cartel weed, it will be a huge step forward in convincing people that marijuana is not the devil and that the dangers it contains are NOT worth 800,000 arrests and 7,000 brutal murders every year.

Mayors, police among dozen murdered.

"Gunmen went into two houses in the community of Vicente Camalote and killed eight people, including some children ..the five police officers died when they went to help the victims".
"Mexico's drug cartels battle for control of the smuggling routes into the United States. Last year, 7,724 people were killed in violent incidents attributed to organized crime groups. So far this year, the violence has claimed the lives of more than 1,400 people."

Rick Steves encourages you to talk to your legislators.

"People should take a courageous stand against drug laws that don't work".
"There are so many parallels to be made with Prohibition in the 1920s and 30s. It took courageous people to recognize that the law was causing more harm than the drug problems it was trying to confront."

Today - 5 men decapitated.

"..two of the heads were missing their ears and two more had a "Z'' carved on their backs in an apparent reference to the Zetas drug gang."
The cartels operate without fear or remorse but are dependent on the Federal Marijuana Prohibition for their survival. End the prohibition, save lives.

Police, soldiers "outgunned" by cartels (Video).

The cartels, mostly funded by $10 BILLION in annual US marijuana sales, extort, intimidate and murder in Juarez to control the all-important drug trade. "It appeared as if the cartel hit man, referred to as sicarios, would line up their victims and spray bullets across their faces to erase their identity as a human. It almost worked."

Alabama Group Marches for Legalization.

There is no reason for sick and dying people in the Southern states to suffer from conditions that marijuana could easily provide relief. You shouldn’t have to move out of the state you love to get the medicine you need!
Even a small group marching a short distance will make the news. Stand up Georgia and lead the way!!

Residents march in anger against ineffective and deadly drug war.

"Illegal sales of cannabis account for the majority of [cartel's] funds at roughly 60 percent". "..many Mexican officials have arrived to the conclusion that legalizing cannabis -- essentially taking control of the cartel's most lucrative income source -- would be an effective opening volley." "However, ... it would do the nation little good to legalize cannabis without similar action in the U.S."

Poll Shows Republicans Favor Medical Marijuana.

"Medical marijuana’s support among voters in New York State is so solid that 71 percent of voters support medical marijuana, including 55 percent of registered Republicans".
Talk to your legislators Georgians! Your parents and grandparents shouldn't be forced to suffer any longer from conditions that marijuana can easily provide relief!

Cartel run drug rehabs turn recovering addicts into hit men.

"The patients are told that in the name of God they have to kill. Those that do, do not feel guilty because they feel their actions are on behalf of a superior being, that they have done something divine. Those who resist are executed".

U.S. dollars finance both sides of deadly drug war.

Oh the futility of it all! The massively expensive, shockingly bloody futility of it all. "Millions of Americans pay large sums of money to vast networks of people who grow, process, ship, smuggle, defend, and deliver drugs to the U.S. And at the same time, millions of Americans pay another network of people vast amounts to find, fight, arrest, and kill those who we hired to provide the drugs to begin with". Would we play this game if it were our loved ones dying?

Former Mexican minister urges "legalize marijuana to end the violence".

Jorge Castaneda, former Mexican foreign minister, urges Mexico and the US to "legalize marijuana to break the power of the cartels and end the spiraling violence". "The DEA says that 60 percent of the cartels' profits come from marijuana. If we start with that, it's a big chunk".
"They can't inspect every car crossing into the US, it's too expensive. The local communities don't want it. It backs up queues tens of miles north, the same way as in the south. They're not going to do it".

EIGHT THOUSAND Brutal Murders Before Christmas.

According to the El Universal newspaper, the cartels murdered 7,724 people in 2009 and so far this year have killed nearly 800 people.
That's 800 people IN ONE MONTH, at this rate more than 8,000 people alive right now will be murdered before Christmas!
End the Marijuana Prohibition - STARVE THE CARTELS!!

16 students murdered watching boxing match.

If we can't stop people buying illegal marijuana and fueling these massacres then we MUST bankrupt the cartels by allowing legitimate bussinesses to undercut them. 13 yr-olds should NOT be dying because we're hesitant to call our legislators!!

No change at DEA.

Leonhart’s nomination to DEA head signals more of the same myopic, brutal enforcement by the DEA. It doesn’t have to be this way. The DEA works for YOU! Tell your legislators what laws you want the DEA to enforce!!
"Leonhart is unfondly regarded by medical marijuana advocates for having denied a cultivation permit to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, further impeding research into the medical uses of cannabis. Her re-appointment indicates that the administration has no interest in overruling the present indefensible policy." - Dale Gieringer, CA Norml.

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico reject failed U.S. drug war.

Increasingly our closest neighbors pass laws rejecting the failed drug war and treating recreational drug users for what they are and always have been - absolutely no different from their fellow citizens who prefer to relax with alcohol.

Drug gangs frequently target police.

"Drug gangs frequently target police" while the prohibition that empowers them wholly fails to prevent the sale of marijuana to any adult or child wishing to buy it. What kind of people are we to allow police officers to die just so we can say "well at least it's not sold in liquor stores"? Shame.

2010 - record-breaking start for cartel murders.

Sixty nine people were murdered by the cartels in the last 24 hours - the largest daily death toll so far. 283 people have been murdered by the cartels since the begining of 2010, again another record - this time last year the toll was 46.

Man's face skinned and stitched onto soccer ball.

The body of Mr. Hugo Hernandez discovered this morning cut into seven pieces, his face skinned and stitched onto a soccer ball - just another victim of the prohibition-funded cartel violence.

High school students murdered by cartel (video).

Two-thirds of the cartel's money comes from selling marijuana in the U.S. We can end murders like these by allowing reputable businesses to undercut their prices and bankrupt them.

Support Reform.

Help legalize marijuana in Cali this November!
Fourth of July Smoke-In - July 4, 2010. Washington DC. Free. - 4th July.

Emerald Empire Hempfest - July 16 - 18, 2010. Eugene, OR. Free. - Emerald.

Seattle Hempfest - Aug. 20 - 22, 2010. Seattle, WA. Price: $25 - 150. - Seattle.

Boston Freedom Rally - Sept. 18, 2010. Boston, MA. Free. - Boston.

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival - June 10 - 13, 2010. Manchester, TN. Price: $185 - $215. - Bonnaroo.

High Sierra Music Festival - July 1 - 4, 2010. Quincy, CA. Price: $175. - High Sierra.

Northwest String Summit - July 16 - 18, 2010. North Plains, OR. Price: $125. - String Summit.

Reggae on the River - July 17 & 18, 2010. Benbow, CA. Price: $85. - Reggae.

Gathering of the Vibes - July 29 - Aug 1, 2010. Bridgeport, CT. Price: $165. - Vibes.

Northwest World Reggae Festival - Aug. 13 - 15, 2010. Marcola, OR. Price: $80. - Northwest.

Burning Man - Aug 30 - Sept 6, 2010. Black Rock City, NV. Price: $300. - Burning Man.

Hempstalk - Sept. 11 - 12, 2010. Portland, OR. Free. - Hempstalk.
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What do you want to know about the marijuana prohibition? What do you want to say?
Write in with your comments and questions to:

Trevor Jan. 28, 2010
Smoking pot should be part of my freedom as an American citizen. I can get drunk and smoke cigarettes if I want but I would rather smoke weed. I will not live in fear of the govt. I will not live in fear of the govt. I will not live in fear of the govt. I am entitled as an American to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If we want to smoke weed it is our right as a free nation. You can have your beer and liquor. Why don't some of the big beer companies get on our side?? I would buy a Budweiser cigarette wouldn’t you?? Miller lite? Please someone help the millions of Americans who are criminals for smoking pot. I am not a criminal, I am a father of 3 daughters, married for 17 years to the same woman, I work hard to provide for them every day of the week. Why can't I smoke a joint on Saturday ?????????????

Richard G. Nov. 19, 2009
No the Government can not and will not stop the demand for marijuana or other drugs. I do however believe that it can be controlled with proper laws. Come on it works for alcohol! Alcohol was prohibited in the 20’s and as a result the prohibition made criminals richer than ever, death rates went up, and organized crime was booming. We still have these things but to a lesser degree. Not to mention the financial problems our great country is having, they tax alcohol why not weed? How many billions do the cartels make a year, or hell in a month?!!

Joshua A. Nov. 15, 2009
I feel that our country should not even make an effort to control marijuana because #1 the same "in god we trust" put a seed in the ground and provided us with the water and the sun. #2 My herb, their (the government) drug, does not have to be processed. For example, making alcohol revolves around two processes: fermentation and distillation. Crack can't be made without cocaine. Coca leaves to make powdered cocaine. Even tobacco which I smoke and I think it should be entirely illegal along with alcohol.
reform the law

UGA Norml endorses responsible marijuana use for adults. Drug abuse is a problem we are all concerned about.

If there is a better method of enforcement, we want it!

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